Joy Love Life Peace Prosperity

Since I was a teenager, I have thought about these four words as a sort of mantra: Love, Life, Peace, Prosperity.  I added  Joy for kicks.   This page will house some pictures and links that are connected to Joy, Love, Life, Peace, Prosperity.  

Before the Quarantine Zoom Wedding Office Cast Reunion and before the Office Wedding Dance, there was the original JK Wedding Dance in the Summer of 2009.  Shout out to my college roommate, Laura, who is part of this wedding party and a month later came to my wedding, as this was first blowing up the interweb.  Joy and Love.  

Do you have a place that embodies Joy, Love, Life, Peace, and Prosperity?  Growing up, my place was our family cabin.  Here is an article that embodies my place and my experience with my place, called “Cabin Life”.