Recipes I have tried

Grandma’s Cookbook has some of my favorite recipes my grandma Loo made for me as a child growing up. The Table of Contents is shown below. Here is the pdf version I created on Blurb. If you would like to order a hard copy version, you can get one here.


This is a repository for some of the recipes I’ve tried and enjoyed, better than a bookmark on my phone, able to be shared with others, and if I remember to post not too long after making I can remember my families reactions to the recipes also.  I think if I could do 25-50 recipes really well, I could just repeat them once a month or every two months, have leftover days in between/eating elsewhere, and we are set. :-). After living as an adult for two decades, I’m still working on this, trying new things and avoiding getting stuck in ruts.  

*Chicken Carbonara from My friend, Jackie was talking about making chicken carbonara and how you had to be careful not to cook with the eggs too long or you would wind up with scrambled eggs and noodles.  I was intrigued so I found this recipe.  This was so delicious!  I made it with bacon bits and leftover chicken.  Amazing, creamy, it has a certain “je ne sais quoi” quality.  Have made twice in spring 2021.  Everyone liked it.

*Eggplant parmesan from did not grow up exposed to eggplant and had a poor view of it, until I tried this dish at a restaurant, and then at another italian restaurant, sold!  And then some other eggplant dishes, and I have found I really like eggplant!  I found when I use two eggplants there is enough to make two casserole dishes, so one eggplant is enough for us.  The extra slices of baked eggplant are yummy to munch on.  I could use a class or practice cutting more evenly, or I could use a mandolin (I cut myself once on one so I shy away from them) as baking is more accurate for the same thickness of slices.  My kids are still a bit skeptical on eggplant, but the adults really like this dish.  I don’t spend the time making my own sauce (maybe I should try one day), I have recently been digging O Organics roasted garlic pasta sauce.  I’ve used sliced fresh mozzarella and shredded mozzarella, both are delicious.  I used whole milk as I didn’t have almond milk.  I enjoy the fresh basil leaves, some others said they could have done without it.  How did I grow to adulthood and not realize parchment paper and wax paper are different materials, and you shouldn’t use wax paper in high heat?  Okay, I know the word wax is in the name and wax melts, but still.  

*Easy Clam Chowder from – the only change I made on here was using Clam juice instead of vegetable broth. I made this today 03-18-2020 for my kids and father in law. We had it with fresh french bread (from our local Grocer Carrs-Safeway) smeared with butter. The only holdout was LAKOS, who said she did not like the potatoes – I saved hers so she can eat it for breakfast before anything else she eats.

*Beef Stroganoff from I like finding recipes to use leftovers with, and that was my aim for this one, what to do with leftover steak.  Everyone gave this a thumbs up, except AJS, who detests the thought of masticating anything with mushrooms.  I love mushrooms, some people would call me a “Fun Guy”, so I’m a Yes! on this recipe.  

*How to Make Yogurt from – I love Greek yogurt and granola.  My kids do also.  I have a great recipe from Jamie L. on making granola, I’ll post below.  She also gave me a recipe for making homemade yogurt, but I tried it twice and the yogurt didn’t set well.  I’ve been debating for years purchasing a yogurt making device, but hadn’t.  I saw one for sale on Facebook Marketplace for $10, it consisted of glass jars and a larger glass container with a lid (plastic?).  I purchased it, the instructions were to pour hot milk with a 1/2 cup of yogurt starter mixed in, into the containers, pour hot water around, let sit for several hours.  I did this, the first time I made slightly yogurt flavored milk, the second time, I may have replenished the hot water after it cooled off, I don’t remember, about half the pots made runny yogurt.  I have heard you can make yogurt in instapots, I have an off brand and haven’t dived deep in to how to do this if you don’t have a button that says yogurt.  I decided to purchase a huge dutch oven, which is supposed to hold it’s heat well, it is an enameled cast iron pot.   I’ve tried this recipe twice to mixed reviews, much like my pizza dough and bread making attempts, and also my mozzarella cheese experiments, this one is still a work in process.  Maybe I can sell my off brand pressure cooker and give in to the instapot craze.  I love rice cookers :-), why not?  

*How to Make Granola (shared by Jamie LeCount)

*Shrimp Fettucine (shared by Tanya Nault)

*8 Can Tortilla Soup(as shared by Lacey Hill)

*Chicken Soup (shared by Ashley)